Kenya is the most famous destination for safaris in the world for endless reasons, the scenery, the incredible opportunity for viewing all African wildlife in particular the ease in which to see the ‘Big 5’. It is still the best country for adventure travel in Africa; it offers high levels of service; it still offers 'Out of Africa' scenic beauty, diverse cultures and abundant wildlife.

Safari is however, by no means the only reason to visit Kenya, the coastline and tropical beaches are amongst the world’s most beautiful.

Name: The Republic of Kenya

Time Zone: GMT + 3

Capital City: Nairobi, meaning “place of cool waters” in the Maa language

Independence gained on: 12 December 1963 (from Great Britain)

National Language: Kiswahili

Official Language: English

Currency: Kenyan shilling (KES) and cents

Land Area: aprox.586,600km sq

Drives on the: Left

Country Code: + 254


On the Equator on the eastern coast of Africa. Kenya is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, Somalia and the Indian ocean to the east, Ethiopia to the north and Sudan to the northwest.

Population & People

The population is estimated at 43,500,000 as of 2013.

There are about 52 tribes in Kenya.

Vegetation & Special Natural Features

Kenya is home to the famous Masai Mara game reserve, Mount Kenya and Lake Victoria (the world's second-largest freshwater lake).

The Great Rift Valley, which runs from northern Syria in Southwest Asia to central Mozambique in East Africa, bisects the country from North to South and is dotted with lakes and extinct volcanoes, is one of Kenya's most fascinating physical features.

Kenya’s natural vegetation is diverse. Truly a ‘world within one country’. Tropical rainforests, sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, desert, wide savannah plains teeming with wildlife, freshwater lakes and salt lakes.

Diani Beach

Days 1 - 6

In 2016 the 25 km long silver-white sands of Diani Beach, Kenya were voted the ‘Best Beach in Africa’ by the ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry: The 21st Annual Travel Awards. This beautiful beach on Kenya’s south coast is a tropical paradise; the beach is out of the world, the amount of excellent activities are endless including SUP, kite surfing, wind surfing, hobby cats, deep sea diving, boat trips, snorkelling, deep sea fishing or onto land which includes sky diving, tennis, golf, nature walks, fascinating cultural visits and a snake park. There are also excellent modern conveniences like banks, supermarket, gift shops, spas, restaurants, cafes and a lively nightlife for those interested.


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Diani Beach
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