Botswana is well known for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife areas on the African continent. With a full 38 percent of its total land area devoted to national parks, reserves and wildlife management areas – for the most part unfenced, allowing animals to roam wild and free – travel through many parts of the country has the feeling of moving through an immense Nature wonderland. 

Botswana is a rarity in our overpopulated, over-developed world. Untamed and untameable, it is one of the last great refuges for Nature’s magnificent pageantry of life.

Mashatu Game Reserve

13 Aug 2022 - 20 Aug 2022

Mashatu Game Reserve in the south eastern extreme of Botswana offers a unique portfolio of safari experiences on a reserve known as the Land of Giants, named after the largest herds of elephant on private land in Africa. In addition to the two camps (luxury all-suite and tented) and excellent daily sightings of all the African predators (lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, jackal and African wildcat), Mashatu is unquestionably the adventure safari destination for energetic travelers and multi-generational families.  The single fastest growth is in the photographic experience where excellent ‘Tuli’ light has engendered interest in Mashatu from all over the world.


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Mashatu Game Reserve
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