Pemba Island

Days 1 - 8

While similar in size to its neighbouring Unguja Island, Pemba is far less developed and touristy. As a result, this island paradise has a remarkably remote, authentic and unspoilt feel to it - and the coastline is lined with gorgeous mangroves and secluded beaches. Known throughout East Africa as a centre for practicing and learning the ancient arts of traditional African healing, the island has a rich and fascinating history that the notoriously friendly locals seem eager to share with visitors. Pemba is home to three main towns and boasts a wide range of attractions. Spend your days exploring the indigenous Ngezi and Ras Kiuyu Forests, both brimming with an abundance of unusual bird and wildlife; scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters (home to a variety of marine life including mantas and turtles), or exploring the incredible Ras Mkumbuu Ruins which date back to the 11th century.


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Pemba Island
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