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France has long been the world’s favourite tourist destination, and it doesn’t take a much imagination to understand why. It has some of the highest mountains, the most dynamic cities, the best beaches and a treasure trove of the some of the world’s most famous artistic, cultural and historical artifacts. The wide open spaces and impressive mountain ranges of the French countryside allow for a vast scope of outdoor activities to thrill even the most adventurous traveller. Those seeking more of an urban adventure won’t be disappointed by the vast range of clubs, shops, fashion and music provided by France’s cities in abundance. Combine all of these riches with the most sumptuous culinary scene in the world, and you may be planning your next trip to France before you even head back home.


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With the River Seine gently meandering through this incredible city in northern central France, the captivating, romantic city of Paris has been described in just about every possible way and is a dream destination for people the world over, boasting many famous landmarks, a rich history and idyllic Parisian scenes at every turn. The city features monument-lined boulevards, fascinating museums, classical bistros, bohemian art nouveau cafes, creative wine bars, stylish boutiques, and art galleries. Must-see attractions include: the impressive Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, the world-renowned Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe standing guard over the glamourous Champs Elysees Avenue. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample infamous French cuisine at an array of enticing ‘boulangeries’, ‘patisseries’, and ‘fromageries’.


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