Day 1: Guatemala City

Sat. 8 Jan 2022

Day 2: Flores

Sun. 9 Jan 2022

The Umoja Journey is an adventure with purpose that will remain with you for the rest of your life. After you say ‘yes’ to this challenge, the most difficult part of the process will be over, and the fun and excitement can begin. This Umoja Journey is a guided trip across Guatemala, and will give you a glimpse into our development project in Guatemala, provide funding for the project you will be visiting, and take you on an adventure to see some of the most beautiful sights Guatemala has to offer. 

Activities and Services

After arriving in Flores, guests will relax at the hotel for the evening. Guests can take a swim in the infinity pool or relax in the private hot tub before enjoying a meal together.

Day 3: Flores

Mon. 10 Jan 2022

Activities and Services

On January 10th, guests will visit the Great Mayan ruins of Tikal. Estimated to have been established at around 900BC, Tikal is one of the largest archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. The Tikal National Park encompasses 575 square kilometres of jungle and thousands of ruined structures from the ancient city.

Day 4: Antigua Guatemala

Tue. 11 Jan 2022

Activities and Services

On January 12th, guests will visit Antigua's city hospital to learn more about public health care surrounding maternal and infant health. Later on, guests will spend the day touring Antigua, a beautiful city surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala.

Day 5: Antigua Guatemala

Wed. 12 Jan 2022

Activities and Services

On January 13th, guests will visit one of the communities supported by the Survive and Thrive Program in order to get a better idea of the inner workings of the project, as well as to get the chance to meet some of the community's doctors, midwives, mothers and children.

Day 6: Antigua Guatemala

Thu. 13 Jan 2022

Activities and Services

On January 14th, guests will have the option to hike or ride a horse up the Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya Volcano is the most popular volcano trek in Antigua because of its accessibility, and the hike can be completed in half a day.

Day 7: Antigua Guatemala

Fri. 14 Jan 2022

Activities and Services

On January 15th, guests will visit the Finca Filadelfia coffee farm for lunch and a tour to see the step-by-step process of coffee making.

Day 8: Antigua Guatemala

Sat. 15 Jan 2022

Day 9: Lake Atitlán

Sun. 16 Jan 2022

Day 10: Lake Atitlán

Mon. 17 Jan 2022

Day 11: Lake Atitlán

Tue. 18 Jan 2022

Day 12: Guatemala City

Wed. 19 Jan 2022

Day 13: End of Itinerary

Thu. 20 Jan 2022

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