Day 1: Lima

At the moment you arrive in Lima, a team member of our Peruvian colleagues (Valencia Travel) will be waiting for you at the airport to take
you via  private transport, to your hotel. This should take one hour.

There is an optional activity for you if you are not too tired from your journey

Walking Tour for Barranco and Tasting Pisco Sour & Welcome Dinner. – Cost per person $ 86
You’ll start off on foot and visit such highlights as the Barranco boardwalk and the famous “Puente de los Suspiros”,
which has been a meeting point for young lovers for decades and has inspired many famous Peruvian poets and
singers. You will visit the renowned MATE museum home to the collections of Peruvian photographer Mario
Testino, in addition to the Pedro de Osma art museum, and visit the picturesque main plaza in Barranco.
Upon completion of your walking tour in Barranco, ready for a culinary highlight while in Lima? Find out all about
the history of Pisco during this Pisco tasting and enjoy Peru's most famous drink, the Pisco Sour, prepared by the expert Ricardo Carpio. You will taste three types of Pisco: Pure Pisco, blend Pisco and green must Pisco. Enjoy this
Pisco tasting and discover the different kinds of Pisco that made this drink so famous. Afterwards dinner.


Services Included:
Private Transport: Lima Airport – Hotel (1 hour approx.).
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish
Overnight: Arawi Lima Miraflores  Hotel. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 2: Lima

After breakfast you will be met by your guide from Valencia Travel to explore Lima on foot.

The first stop on our Lima city tour is Huaca Pucllana, a huge archaeological site in Miraflores, one of Lima’s most
popular districts. Huaca Pucllana was an important ceremonial and administrative center of the Lima culture, which
developed along this part of the Peruvian coast between 200 AD and 700 AD. This sacred place was built from
seven staggered platforms surrounded by a plaza and large walls. It’s a very impressive site, and certainly not what
you expect to find in lively Miraflores!
After exploring Huaca Pucllana with your bilingual guide, we’ll drive to the historic center of Lima, all of which is a
designated UNESCO World Heritage site. We’ll go to the beautiful Plaza de Armas (Lima’s main square) which is
surrounded by impressive colonial and Republican-era buildings, many of which have ornate wooden balconies.
Some of Peru’s most important buildings surround the square, including the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima,
Archbishop's Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace and the Palace of the Union.
We’ll visit the Cathedral of Lima, which was completed in 1649. It’s a huge structure, with a large central nave and
14 side chapels. Inside, we’ll see the sculptures and paintings that decorate the interior. The cathedral is also home
to the tomb of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro.
Next we’ll walk one block to the Convent of Santo Domingo. Founded in the 1530s and completed in 1766, it is one
of the most important religious buildings in Peru, and its large bell tower is a landmark in the historic center of
Lima. As we walk around the interior of the convent, we’ll see the beautiful Sevillian azulejos (ceramic tiles) that
decorate the walls, dating from 1604 and 1606. There is also a series of paintings that present passages of the life
of Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominican order, which date to around 1608.


Services Included:
Share Excursion: Lima city tour (4 hours)
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish
Overnight: Arawi Lima Miraflores. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 3: Paracas

Today you will be collected from your hotel at 6am and driven to Paracas by a Valencia Travel driver to transfer you to PARACAS, arriving at around 10am .

After freshening up in the hotel you catch a boat to the port in time to join your boat excursion to the Ballestas Island to enjoy the magnificent wildlife including many species of birds including Guanay, Piquero, Tendril, and Humboldt Penguins in danger of extinction and entire colonies of sea lions
 On the way you see the  The Paracas Candelabra, also called the Candelabra of the Andes, is a well-known prehistoric geoglyph found on the northern face of the Paracas Peninsula (tour duration: 2 hours approximately )



Services Included:
Private Transport: Lima – Paracas (4 hours approx.)
Excursion in Shared/Group Service: Boat Excursion to the Ballestas Island (tour duration: 2 hours approx )
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish
Entrance Fee: Ballestas Island
Overnight: Bahía Paracas Hotel. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 4: Nazca

Today you set off for Nazca. On the road you will find the city of Ica which is well known and popular for its gastronomy and vineyards,
Here you will enjoy a tour of the oldest operational distillery in America and enjoy 333 years of tradition and then visit the pisco production plant which is considered the most modern in Peru. You will also enjoy an exclusive tasting with Peru's 5 most awarded
Piscos and then finish with a typical lunch from Los Horcones de La Caravedo.
Later in afternoon after lunch if you want you could do a tour out in the desert aboard a dune buggy. (OPTIONAL)
On this fantastic excursion we will explore the dunes around Huacachina. The dune buggy excursion las it’s about 1:30 hrs.


Services Included:
Private Transfer: Paracas – Ica – Nazca.
Excursion: Visit to the vineyards in Ica *Caravedo*, tasting and gift. (Entrances + guide+ lunch) duration (3 - 3 ½
hrs.) 14:00 h. Visit to the Huacachina Oasis.
Entrances Fee.
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish.
Overnight: DM Hoteles, Nazca. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 5: Lima

Today your local guide  will pick you up from your hotel to transfer you to the airport to over fly the Nazca Lines. The flight over the
Nazca Lines takes 30 minutes during that time you will see 13 figures (The Astronaut, the Monkey, The Condor, The
hummingbird, and more). Before boarding the plane, you will be shown some videos providing you with
information about the different theories of the Nazca Lines. The aircrafts are a CESSNA 206 for 2 pilots and 4 passengers. Each passenger will have a window seat. The flight will start off to the right of the figures and then the
left side of the figures. This means everyone will have a good view.
After flying the Nazca Lines you then have a long road trip back to Lima which is about 7 hours.


Services Included:
Overflight: Nazca Lines (30 minutes approx.).
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish.
Private Transfer: Nazca – Lima (7 hours approx.)
Overnight: Arawi Lima Miraflores Hotel. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 6: Puerto Maldonado

Today you fly to the Amazon!

You will be collected from your hotel in good time to catch your flight to Puerto Maldonado

Your Amazon adventure begins when we pick you up from the airport in Puerto Maldonado. We’ll then board our
boat for the 25-minute river journey to Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, keeping our eyes open for wildlife as we
go. When we arrive, you’ll be shown to your cabaña and introduced to all the wonderful facilities at the lodge.
Afterwards we’ll all gather for a wonderful lunch in the dining room, prepared with organic local ingredients and
native flavours.
After lunch, your experienced jungle guide will take you on a walk along our Concepción Trails, which are found
within the grounds of our private 819 hectares of pristine forest. During the walk your guide will tell you all about
the flora and fauna you see, and you will learn about primary and secondary rainforest, its components, uses and
the impact of humans on the rainforest.
Later, at dusk, we’ll head out on our small motorized boat on the Twilight River excursion. We’ll navigate along the
Madre de Dios River, and your guide will tell you all about the local ecosystem, the Amazonian creeks, and the
behaviour of the nocturnal birds that we will see and hear.
When we return to the lodge, we’ll have a wonderful dinner in the dining room.


Services Included:
Transport: Hotel – Lima Airport
Pto. Maldonado Airport – Maldonado Headquarters (15 minutes approx.).
Pto. Maldonado – Tambopata Port. (15 minutes approx.).
Boat Trip: Tambopata – Hacienda Concepcion (45 minutes approx.).
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish
Excursions: Amazon Area
Overnight: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion - Accommodation in Cabanas



Day 7: Puerto Maldonado

After breakfast today,  we’ll head out to the famous Lake Sandoval in the Tambopata National Reserve. We can take
canoes out onto the beautiful oxbow lake, which is home to endangered giant river otters, red howler monkeys,
red-bellied macaws, anacondas, side-neck turtles, black caimans and more.
After exploring the lake, we’ll head back to the lodge for lunch. Then we can go on the amazing Inkaterra Canopy
Walkway and the Anaconda Walk. The Canopy Walk takes us up a 29-meter-tall tower into the treetop realm.
Stretching for more than a quarter of a mile, the walkway takes you through the canopy on a suspension bridge
network linking eight observation platforms. From this awe-inspiring vantage point, we’ll look out for toucans,
woodpeckers, trogons, monkeys and the three-toed sloth.

Next we can go on the Anaconda Walk! This walkway traverses a 200-meter-long wooden bridge over the Aguajales
swamps, where we can see a huge array of amphibians, birds, mammals, trees and other jungle flora. There’s also
the possibility of spotting snakes – perhaps even the massive anaconda.
At night, get ready for an amazing night time adventure as we set off to explore the Amazon rainforest after dark.
Nocturnal animals display intriguing behaviour patterns and enhanced senses, having adapted to life at night. We’ll
head out to spot some of these nocturnal creatures, and listen to the incredible cacophony of sounds that emanate
from the rainforest at night.



Services Included:
Excursions: Lake Sandoval, Canopy Walk and Anaconda Walk
Excursions: Amazon Area
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish
Overnight: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion - Accommodation in Cabaña Room

Day 8: Puerto Maldonado

After another early breakfast we’ll visit a traditional Amazonian farm where you can learn all about the local techniques
of cultivation and taste some of the products. Then we’ll visit the botanical garden, where you can see the
immense variety of medicinal plants that are part of the “natural pharmacy” used by the inhabitants of the
We’ll then head back to Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción for lunch and a rest before we head out on the Cocha
water excursion. We’ll head out in dugout canoes on the beautiful lake near the lodge, where we can go catch-and-
release fishing. The scenery here is wonderful, and we can see many birds including hoatzins (skunk birds), fly
catchers, and gray-necked woodrails.
We can then visit the wreck of the Fitzcarrald steam boat, and your guide will tell you all about its history and its
connection with Werner Herzog’s award-winning movie, Fitzcarraldo. In the evening, we can observe more wildlife
from our specially built wildlife watching hides.


Services Included:
Excursions: Native Farm, Fishing and Collpa Island
Excursions: Amazon Area
Local Tour Guide: English/Spanish
Overnight: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion - Accommodation in Cabaña Room

Day 9: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Sadly, today is the final day of this Amazon adventure. After a breakfast buffet, we’ll take the boat back to Puerto
Maldonado. If you have time before your flight, we can visit the butterfly house where you can see a stunning array
of colourful butterflies, some small and some as large as your hand. You can learn all about the life stages of these
beautiful insects, and walk among them as they flutter around. Then we’ll take you to the airport or to your hotel in
Puerto Maldonado. We hope you enjoyed your wonderful experience at the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción in the
heart of the Amazon Rainforest!
After your arrival to Cusco, your guide will we waiting for you and take you to the sacred valley, then spend the
remainder of the day at leisure.


Services Included:
Boat Trip: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion – Tambopata Port (45 minutes approx.).
Transport: Tambopata Port – Pto. Maldonado (15 minutes approx.).
Maldonado Headquarters – Pto. Maldonado Airport (15 minutes approx.).
Transport: Cusco Airport – Sacred Valley Hotel
Overnight: Hotel Agustos Urubamba. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.



Day 10: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Today you can spend the day in the remote village of Huilloc, approximately 40 minutes transfer from your hotel, where you’ll
catch a glimpse of the authentic culture of the valley’s Quechua communities. You’ll be able to interact with the
villagers, share lunch with them and witness their day to day life. The women of Huilloc have a rich tradition of
weaving which they still practice by hand today. The textiles they produce bear the same images as those of their
ancestors; condors, cougars and Huallata birds, and can be purchased here.
Afterward, visit to Ollantaytambo, which is surrounded by the sacred mountains. In Ollantaytambo, we get further
exposure to Incan constructions, mainly the amazing temple of the sun, enormous blocks of rock perfectly carved
and polished, stone water fountains, stairs and terraces, transfer to Train Station Ollantaytambo. The train leaves at
16h43 (time may change depending on availability and changes to timetable).  


Services Included:
Regular Services: Hotel – Huilloc & Ollantaytambo
Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Entrance Fee: General Tourism Ticket.
Overnight: Hotel Agustos Urubamba. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 11: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Today you set off on a half-day tour to Maras and Moray beginning when we pick you up from your hotel in the Sacred Valley at around
08h00. First we’ll head to magnificent Moray, the Inca agricultural laboratory. It take about 1.5 hours to get there,
but we’ll be driving through spectacular Andean scenery, passing by yellow wheat fields, picturesque traditional
villages and snow-capped mountains.
Arriving at Moray, your guide will show you around the three amphitheatre-like terraced structures. These
terraces, which are carved in a circular series to create a bowl shape, are believed to have been used as a testing
ground for various crops, to find the most optimal growing conditions. It’s an incredible sight, and gives real insight
into the genius of the Inca Empire.
After exploring Moray we’ll head on to Maras, which is just two miles away. Here we’ll see the amazing salt
evaporation ponds, which were used by the Incas and quite possibly by pre-Inca civilizations. More than 3,000 salt
pools are carved into the mountainside, which catch highly salty water as it emerges from a spring in the mountain.
The ponds catch this water, where it slowly evaporates, leaving just the salt behind. This is collected via a
communal process, and is most famously used to make sal de Maras, the famous pink table salt. It’s an incredible
sight looking down across the salt ponds, which look like they are covered in snow or ice.

Afterwards you get the opportunity to visit the Ccorccor Andean Community,

Ccorccor is famous for its weaving, and you’ll always be able to see a demonstration of weaving techniques used by the community since the days of the Incas. And if you’re feeling particularly dexterous, you can have a go on the loom.
Other available activities depend on what the locals are working on during the time of your visit. You might find
them brewing chicha de maíz, a fermented corn drink traditionally made in a clay pot. This was a ritual drink used
by the Incas, and the indigenous inhabitants of Ccorccor still make it on a regular basis. It’s nutritious, tasty and,
when fermented enough, is good for a bit of a buzz. If the villagers are making it during your visit, you can help
them mill the corn and then boil it up. When it’s ready, it can be drunk immediately or left to stand overnight to get
a more intense and sparkling taste.
Ccorccor is very much an agricultural community. You might find yourself helping with the communal papa allay, or
potato dig. These potatoes are vital for the community as well as the Cusco Region as a whole, and there are many
different varieties of potatoes and tubers grown, such as olluco and oca. You might also see the ancient process of
freeze-drying potatoes to make chuño and moraya. Other traditional agricultural tasks include plowing the land
using animal-driven plows, and asking the Apu mountain spirits to bless the land using a small ritual called El
Tinkuy, in which offerings are made to the Apus and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

After spending time at Ccorccor, we’ll eventually have to say our goodbyes to the lovely community. Then we’ll
head back to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel.


Services Included:
Excursion: Maras, Moray & Ccorccor
Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Entrance Fee: General Tourism Ticket.
Overnight: Hotel Agustos Urubamba. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 12: Machu Picchu Pueblo

Yet another of Peru's major highlights today when we pick you up from your hotel early (depending on train time) and take you to the train station. The journey is on a very scenic route for two and a half hours until we reach kilometre 104 – the start of the trail for us.
From here, we have a walk of about 4 hours up to the Incan site Wiñay Wayna  (2680m/8792ft).
You have joined the path in time to see the most excellent site on the whole Inca Trail! Then, we will continue on to
Inti Punku; (2730m/8792ft) from where you will have your first dramatic, panoramic view of Machu
Picchu (2400m/7873ft). We will walk down the last part of the trail towards the ancient city itself. But before reaching
Machu Picchu, we will take a side path off the trail to go down to Aguas Calientes, leaving the visit to Machu Picchu
for the next day. In Aguas Calientes, we'll have dinner and a much-deserved rest so we're recharged and ready for
Machu Picchu the next day.


Services Included:
Train Tickets: Ollantaytambo - Aguas Calientes (Expedition Train – 1.5 hours) with special stop in KM 104.
Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Entrance Fee: KM 104.
Bus Tickets Consetur: Machu Picchu – Aguas Caliente (25 minutes approx.).
Overnight Hatun Inti Boutique. Accommodation in Suite Room with private bath.

Day 13: Cusco

After Breakfast at the hotel you will go exploring the 7th Wonder of the Modern World, Machu Picchu. It is sure to
be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. Feel free to enjoy this marvelous Incan masterwork
that was built centuries ago. Some of the recommended sites to visit are: House of the Guardian, the Intihuatana,
the Temple of the Sun, and the Sacred Plaza. This is your opportunity to soak up some of the atmosphere of this
magical place.
It will be time to go back down to Aguas Calientes and catch your train back to Cusco. Your train ride to Cusco will
be aboard the Vistadome Train. Upon your arrival at the Poroy station you will be picked up and driven back to
your hotel.


Services Included:
Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Bus Tickets Consetur: Aguas Caliente – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes (20 minutes approx.).
Entrance Fee: Machu Picchu City.
Train Tickets: Aguas Calientes – Poroy (Expedition Train).
Private Transport: Poroy Train Station– Hotel in Cusco (30 minutes approx.).
Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Overnight: Los Portales Cusco Hotel. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 14: Cusco

After breakfast, today you’ll have a full Cusco city tour, During the Tour you will discover the beauty and the
magic of Cusco, the Imperial Capital of the Incas. Your tour starts at the Koricancha and the Santo Domingo church.
According to the Chroniclers who wrote during the period directly after the Spanish Conquest, the Koricancha was
the most sacred and the most important site in the Quechua world. The walls of the Koricancha were covered with
gold. There were life-size statues of plants and animals made out of pure gold and silver. Next will be the Cusco
Cathedral where you can appreciate the works of the Cusco School of painters, and also the gold and silver relief
work on the main altar and the pulpit.
The next stop on your tour will be the imposing Fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Here you will note the stones that form
the walls are the size of a truck. They have been carefully cut and perfectly fitted together. Sacsayhuaman is a very
impressive Incan construction. From here you will head up the hill to the Tambomachay Archeological Complex.
This was an important ceremonial centre during Inca times. It is sometimes called the Bath of the Incas, and the
cult of water used to perform their rites here. Finally, you will return to Cusco.



Services Included:
Private Services: Cusco City Tour (4 hours approx.).
Entrance fees: Koricancha, Cathedral & General Tourist (BTC).
Overnight: Los Portales Cusco Hotel. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 15: Cusco

This day you have it at leisure to explore on your own.


We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at around 05h00 as we need time to drive out to the trailhead and
then complete out trek. The drive itself takes about three hours, passing through wonderful Andean scenery along
the South Valley. We’ll stop for breakfast along the way, and then continue on to the trailhead at the village of
Quesiuno, at about 4,326 m (14,189 ft) above sea level.

From here, we’ll set off on our trek, first following a pretty stream, seeing herds of alpacas and llamas as they graze
on the hillsides. We’ll also have consistent views of the sacred Ausangate Mountain. As we continue, we’ll pass
occasional villages where the old traditions of the Andes are still very much alive.

We’ll stop for a packed lunch somewhere along the trail, enjoying the scenery as we eat and relax for a while.
Heading on, we’ll pass by the remote potato fields of this rugged region, and we might also see some local wildlife.
If we’re lucky, we’ll see some chinchillas, charming Andean rodents that have the densest fur of any mammal that
lives on land. We’ll also keep an eye out for vicuñas, one of the two wild South American camelids that live in the
high alpine areas of the Andes (the other being the guanaco).
As we near our destination, we’ll start to see many red mountains. And after trekking for a total of about five
hours, we’ll finally reach our goal: Vinicunca, the spectacular Rainbow Mountain. Here, at a literally breathtaking
5,020 m (16,466 ft) above sea level, we’ll start exploring the area, which is in fact is a series of colored mountains,
not just one. We’ll hike up to the top of Rainbow Mountain, where we’ll spend about 30 minutes, allowing plenty of
time to enjoy the view and take photos.
Once we’ve had time to take in all the magnificent sights, we’ll set off on our return trek, which will take three to
four hours. Our private transport will be waiting for us when we get back to the trailhead, and we’ll set off back to
Cusco, again taking about three hours. We should arrive in Cusco at 16h00, at which point we’ll drop you off at your
hotel, with the memories of the mesmerizing Rainbow Mountain still fresh in your mind.
Day 16: Cusco to Puno by train Meals: Breakfast, Lunch


Services Included:
Overnight: Los Portales Cusco Hotel. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 16: Puno

We will pick you up at 0600h and take you to the Train station in Cusco. The route covered by the Titicaca train is
considered by many travel magazines to be one of the most beautiful in the world, with a trip that lasts ten and a
half hours. At the start of the journey, passengers are welcomed at the Wanchaq Station (Cusco), where local
musicians will provide background music as you board the train.
Once aboard, you can enjoy the two dining cars decorated in the style of the Pullman cars of the 1920s. Also, during
the trip, you will have the finest in gourmet food.
Once you arrive in Puno, the folklore capital, you will be taken to your hotel where you will stay the night. At night,
keep to the main, lit areas. The main street will be obvious and there are lots of little restaurants there.



Services Included:
Transport: Hotel – Wanchaq Station (15 minutes approx.).
Train Station Puno – Hotel (20 minutes approx.).
Train Tickets: Cusco - Puno (Titicaca Train – 10.5 hours approx.).
Overnight: Casa Andina Standard Puno. Accommodation in Traditional Room with private bath.

Day 17: Puno

After breakfast at around 07h00, we will transfer you from the hotel to the port of Puno where you will board the
motor boat to take you first to the floating Uros Islands, which  are located 25 minutes from the port of Puno, more
than 65 small islands are still floating today, but you will visit two The guide will explain a little about the
history and lifestyle of the people living in these floating islands for many years. Approximately 1 hour boat ride

Afterwards we will sail towards Taquile Island  which takes approximately two hours. The island is a traditional
Quechua speaking community, full of ancient agricultural terraces and some ruins dating back to the pre-Inca
times. The Taquile population was relatively isolated from the mainland until 1950s, and the notion of the
community and family is still very strong among them.
The weaving tradition of this Island goes back to early civilizations, thus keeps elements from pre-Inca Andean
cultures alive in the present. The most characteristic garments are the ;Chullo, a knitted hat with an earflap; and
The Calendar Waistband, depicting the annual cycles connected to ritual and agricultural activities.
When you reach the island, you walk up along a narrow path, enjoying impressive views of Lake Titicaca and seeing
gorgeous little houses inhabited by the direct descendants of the Inca Culture. You will then have free time to
explore the Island on your own, and afterwards return to Puno.


Services Included:
Transport: Hotel – Puno Port – Hotel (8 minutes approx. per route).
Regular Bout Trip: Puno Port – Uros Island (25 minutes approx.), After Taquile Island (2 hours approx.), After
Luquina (1 hour approx.).
Local Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Entrance Fee: Uros – Taquile Island.
Overnight: Royal Inn Hotel,  Puno. Accommodation in Traditional Room with private bath.

Day 18: Chivay

Today we depart from Puno between 06h00 to 06h30. Then we’ll drive toward to Chivay Village. This trip will take around 5
hours with stops on the way to take photographs. You will observe the area called Lagunillas where with some
luck  we might see some  South American camelids maybe  flamingos, birds and Andean ducks, on the way we will see typical
Andean landscapes,.
Continuing on the road we will pass Tocra, a high plain at more than 4,500 meters, where we will observe lakes
with migrant birds and get pictures of the Antiplano with its Llamas and Guanacos.
The highest point of our tour will be Pata Pampa (Pata=high, Pampa=land) located at 4,820 meters, where we’ll
observe the volcanoes Ampato, Sabancaya, Hualca-Hualca, Mismi (the source of the Amazon River), and the
Cordillera de Chila.
When we are getting close to the town of Chivay (3,651 meters) we will start to wonder at the spectacular
multicolor view of the terraces of the Colca valley. We keep our drive until Coporaque town and visit the Lodge La
Casa de Mamayacchi, where we will have our lunch.
After lunch your guide will invite you to a short walk through Coporaque and its surroundings (this walk takes
around 1 hour and is optional). We’ll come back to our transportation and visit a natural “hot springs”, where we
will enjoy a relaxing bath (entrance fee and personal towels to the baths are not included). After this exciting day
we will bring you to your hotel.


Services Included:
Private Services: Puno – Chivay.
Local Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Entrance Fee: Colca Canyon.
Overnight: Casa Andina Colca. Accommodation in Traditional Room with private bath.

Day 19: Arequipa

We will have our breakfast very early in the morning and leave to the famous “Cruz del Condor” point. Arrive to
“Cruz del Condor” and time enough to have an enjoyable view of the deep of the Canyon and if the weather
permits; majestic pictures of the flight of the Condors. After a coordinated time, our guide will take you for a short
walk near the Canyon (1 hour approx.) On the way back to Chivay we’re going to visit the traditional village of
Pinchollo and the “Antahuilque viewpoint”, where wonderful 1,500-year-old terraces, constructed by the
Collaguas, a culture well before the Incas’ time, can be observed. We also will make a stop at the look-out point of
“Choquetico” with its hanging tombs “Tumbas colgantes “, and take a look to the litomaqueta, a model of the
canyon terraces carved in a rock. We will continue visiting Maca, an Andean community that experienced an
earthquake in November of 1991 and the village of Yanque with the most beautiful church in the valley.

Afterwards we have a 1:30 p.m. transfer to Arequipa (4 hours).


Services Included:
Private Services: Hotel – Cruz Del Condor – Arequipa.
Local Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Overnight: Hotel Conquistador. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 20: Arequipa

Today you can enjoy a cookery class and city tour!

Our gastronomic tour begins at 08h00. First we head to the local San Camilo market, located not far from
Arequipa’s Plaza de Armas. San Camilo is a very popular traditional Peruvian market, and arguably the most
authentic and most interesting in Arequipa. The lively market is packed with butchers, spices merchants, fruit and
veg stalls, souvenir sellers and more, as well as food courts selling a wide range of classic local snacks and dishes.
It’s a heady mix of colour and sound, as well as plenty of unusulal smells.  
We’ll explore the market and buy all of the fresh ingredients we’ll need to prepare two dishes: an entrée and a
main dish. Then we’ll go to a local family home and start cooking! You’ll be given all the necessary instructions by a
highly knowledgeable local cook, who will assist you in the creation of your classic arequipeño meal. If you don’t
speak Spanish, don’t worry! Your guide will be on hand to translate, so you can understand the cook and ask any
questions. Once you’ve finished cooking, you can sit down and enjoy your delicious Peruvian meal. And now that
you know how to make it in the most authentic way, you can later prepare it again to wow your friends and family
with your newfound culinary abilities.
Our Arequipa city tour will take you through the streets of the White City, passing cathedrals, churches,
monasteries and more. Your guide will tell you all about life in Arequipa, from colonial times through to the present
day. You’ll learn how the city has changed, and how the first Spanish colonists built upon an area once home to
ancient peoples of the Peruvian Andes.
We will stop to admire some of the city’s most famous buildings, such as the Basílica Catedral de Arequipa. Located
on the city’s elegant Plaza de Armas, this huge cathedral has been damaged by earthquakes on numerous
occasions over the centuries, but each time it has been rebuilt, becoming ever more impressive.
After exploring the Plaza de Armas and surrounding streets, we’ll head to the famous viewpoint of Yanahuara. With
its carved sillar stone arches, this beautiful viewpoint offers sublime views across Arequipa and beyond to the
volcanic peaks of Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. Yanahuara was built the 19th century and stands next to the
pretty San Juan de Yanahuara, a Baroque church built in 1750. Engraved into the sillar stone of Yanahuara are the
names of notable people who have lived in Arequipa during the last two hundred years.

After our tour of Arequipa, we will take you back to your hotel, secure in the knowledge that you now have a far
greater appreciation for this beautiful colonial city.


Services Included:
Private Services: Cooking Class & City tour.
Local Tour Guide: Spanish/English.
Overnight: Hotel Conquistador. Accommodation in Standard Room with private bath.

Day 21: End of Itinerary

After breakfast enjoy your last day at leisure before transferring to the airport for your return flight home via Lima.


Services Included:
Transfer: Hotel – Arequipa Aairport - Assistant SPS/ENG.

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