Nemo II 4 Days - Itinerary A


Day 1: S/C Nemo II

Arrival to the airport in Baltra, where you will be transferred to the Nemo II Catamaran at the Bay. After lunch service on the yacht, we head to Bachas Beach, where a delightful swimming beach waits for you. There is also a lagoon where you may see flamingos or waders, and a nesting area for green sea turtles.


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Day 2: S/C Nemo II

Landing at Prince Philip Steps (Barranco), we hike steep stairs to enjoy a panoramic view of Genovesa Island. At the end of the trail there is a nesting area for Nazca boobies and petrels. After lunch, we go to Darwin Bay, which is a caldera of a collapsed volcano. Walking along a coral sand beach, crossing barren lava formation and creeks, you can see swallow tailed gulls and red–footed boobies. Return to the yacht and dinner.

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Day 3: S/C Nemo II

Early start at Sullivan Bay, where you can witness the rope lava flows, and practice shallow water snorkeling. After lunch head to Rabida Island, on a red sand beach, where you will have the opportunity to witness nine varieties of finches, large-billed flycatchers and brown pelicans. There is also a small salt-water lagoon where greater Flamingos can be seen and a beautiful colony of sea lions. After this activity head back to the catamaran for dinner.

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Day 4: End of Itinerary

After breakfast, dry landing on Santa Cruz Island. We take a bus to private estate “Las Primicias”. This reserve offers you one of the best possibilities to see the giant tortoises of Santa Cruz Island in their natural habitat. Afterwards, you will be transfered to the airport for your flight back to the continent.


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