Day 1: Rovos Rail

Departure day at Rovos Rail Station Rovos Rail Station Rovos Rail Station

Day 2: Rovos Rail

Bon voyage! The train travelling through the Natal Midlands Sunrise on board

Day 3: Rovos Rail

Royal Suite Royal Suite Royal Suite bathroom

Day 4: Rovos Rail

Royal Suite Deluxe Length Deluxe Length

Day 5: Rovos Rail

Deluxe Cross Deluxe Cross Deluxe Twin

Day 6: Rovos Rail

Deluxe Twin Deluxe Suite bathroom Pullman Suite

Day 7: Rovos Rail

Pullman Single Pullman Single Pullman Double Bunk

Day 8: Rovos Rail

Pullman Double Bunk Pullman Double Pullman Double

Day 9: End of Itinerary

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