About Michael Morrison RideAway Adventures

RideAway Adventures is a company built around adventure, education, and conservation with a mission to create accessible adventure to all. Over the last fourteen years, RideAway has introduced guests to Cape Cod's ocean and provided tangible ways to help protect it. 

Our Cape Cod locations are perfectly situated for Ocean Guardians, and we pride ourselves on spreading the word about an intricate and comprehensive oceanic system that everyone needs to protect. We are proud of RideAway's expansive network of like-minded friends, followers, and organizations that continue to share this belief throughout the world. 

All of us at RideAway have spent the last fourteen years exploring the world to encounter the most beautiful locations, while engaging with like-minded people to create unmatched experiences for our guests. RideAway is thrilled to share our special places with you and continue to build a culture of responsible travel that makes a difference for our oceans and world. 

Come explore with us and remember, It's Your Adventure!

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