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Elephant's Eye, Hwange


Experience Elephant's Eye

The best Zimbabwe has to offer, the Elephant’s Eye, Hwange presents an unforgettable experience with African wildlife in an intimate and welcoming setting. Attention to detail and friendly service in the heart of the African bush will put you at ease as you escape the noise and bustle of the modern world.

The Eye, our sleep out deck

Imagine falling asleep to the roars of a lion or the rumble of an elephant, all while surrounded by the beauty of the African bush! That's just a taste of what guests can expect when they spend a night on our Elephant's Eye, Hwange, sleep-out deck, the Eye.

Elephants at Elephant's Eye

We were recently greeted by hundreds of elephants, who came for an evening drink of water from our pool. A truly incredible experience!

Herd of Buffalo at the Waterhole

Guests were lucky enough to witness a herd of buffalo enjoying themselves at the waterhole, lolling about in the mud, drinking water and dining on green grass, set against the backdrop of a stunning African sunset.

Lion cubs on Elephant's Eye, Hwange Concession

A magnificent encounter with some lionesses and their adorable little cubs right by our lodge.