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Karen Blixen Camp


Sounds in the night at Karen Blixen Camp

When night falls in Karen Blixen Camp, then starts a symphony of all possible sounds of the wild animals. From frogs to hippos, hyenas and a lot more. Mads - a young guy from Denmark - who visited Karen Blixen Camp with his parents made this little video outside the family's tent on a dark, dark night. He introduces a great experience: The nightly choir of the savanna.

Lounge and restaurant


Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp is situated in the best wildlife surroundings in the world, Masai Mara in Kenya. You will discover worldclass safari and a world of yester year in luxury tents with all conveniences

Karen Blixen Camp


Elephant rescue

An elephant has been attacked with spears by poachers in Masai Mara, Kenya. The mobile vet-team has been called to rescue the injured animal and we follow them.......... Additional info: In 2009 there were 3072 elephants in Narok County, Masai Mara. In 2014 there were less than 1500.

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Karen Blixen Camp

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