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Ibo Island Lodge


Island Lost in Time - Ibo Island Lodge

Ibo Island Lodge is an award-winning boutique lodge situated in the Quirimba Archipelago, Northern Mozambique. A great choice for honeymooners and adventurers in search of something authentic, unique and real. Far from the crowded resorts explore and discover an island lost in time. Dive, snorkel and dolphin safari the surrounding reefs!

Ibo Island Lodge | Quirimbas National Park | Africa | Ibo Island Lodge Mozambique

Luxury Ibo Island Lodge has been described as one of the most magical and atmospheric lodges in Africa. Situated in the Quirimbas National Park of northern Mozambique imagine a remote Mozambican island lost in time, all but forgotten to the outside world for nearly a century.

Essence of Ibo - Where time stands still


Discover Ibo Island Lodge

Ibo Island has been described as one of the most unique, magical and romantic islands in Africa.

Ibo Island Lodge Dolphin Safari

Ibo Island Lodge is now offering you the incredible experience of swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment

'Five Minute Vacation' A 360 Degree Trip


Ibo Island SUP Safari - Quirimbas Archipelago


Ibo "Daydream"


IBO Island 'Day Dream

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Ibo Island Lodge

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