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[DISABLED]Leleshwa Hiking

  • Hiking into the Loita Hills you leave the modern world far behind you.

    The areas in which we walk are inaccessible to vehicles and the wilderness.
  • Trekking through a lush, little-known region of Kenya.

    In the company of your local Maasai guides.
  • 400 sqkm untouched indigenous forest.

    'We saw no-one other than our party until we walked out of the Hills..'
  • By tailoring the trek to suit your interests and ability, the experience is all yours.

  • Experience the delights of ancient and unique species.

    A variety of fauna, giant strangler figs and along the way track wildlife.
  • From above.....

  • or below the canopy, over rolling plains....

  • or descending into the coolness of the valleys below.

  • You can’t help but stop frequently to take it all in.

  • Lightweight camp with 2 double and 2 single or twin insect proof tents.

    Separate shared bathroom facilities.
  • Located deep within the forest near natural springs and hippo pools.

  • A support team to guide and take care of your needs.

  • ....opportunities to have some fun.

  • A rare adventure to thrill even the most seasoned safari-goer.

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[DISABLED]Leleshwa Hiking

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