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Windsor Walking Safaris

  • Jackdaw & Fallow Deer

  • March Hares

  • Feathers

    The beauty is in the detail
  • Buzzard & Carrion Crow

  • Binoculars

    Bring them if you can, or just borrow ours.
  • Royal Stag

  • Red Deer

    Keeping careful, respectful distance allows for some great photos
  • Fallow Deer

  • Sundowners

  • Chiltern Valley

  • Vetchling

  • Red Deer in the shadow of the 'Copper Horse' statue

  • Evening walk

  • Hares courting

  • Kite in the morning sun

  • Kestrel

  • Perfect summer evening light for photography

  • Mute Swan

  • Storing for winter

  • Relaxed and informal

    Tony now shares his love of the natural world, which came from his boyhood adventures in the very countryside he will now share with you. 
  • Meadow Trefoil

  • Courting Kestrels

  • Iconic Windsor view

  • Red Kite

  • Canada Geese dipping their wings

    Canada Geese dipping their wings to loose height as they come to land
  • A timid Roe deer

  • Long shadows on a summer evening

  • A Fritillary

  • Little Grebe

    These little chaps migrate from across the world to raise young here in Windsor Great Park
  • Ring necked Parakeets

  • Five Spot Burnet

    Feeding on grassland flowers
  • A brave and inquisitive Swan

  • Bird’s-foot Trefoil

  • Sycamore - field maple seed

    Dislodged by browsing Deer
  • Tiny creatures

    Incredibly interesting and vital members of the eco system
  • Refeshments are included in all of our Walking safaris

  • Ancient grazing land close to Windsor.

    Where , with imagination, you could so easily be in Africa
  • Hawthorn flowers

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Windsor Walking Safaris

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