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Great Migration Camps

  • Great Migration Camps Mobile Camp - Tented Accommodation

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Meru Migration Tents high quality canvas dome tents
  • Great Migration Camps Facilities

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Camp Life, we follow the herds, life is good.
  • Great Migration Camps - beverages

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Tea, coffee and water is always available. We have a cold fridge for drinks at the mess tent and we work on a help yourself honesty bar. Drinks Supplement is available.
  • Great Migration Camps - Mess Tent

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    A bedouin style tent serves as the mess tent - a communal area for socialising, relaxing and eating meals. Unlimited tea, coffee and water available.
  • Great Migration Camps Mobile - trailer and kitchen

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Our trailer becomes our camp kitchen in each location.
  • Great Migration Camps - camp kitchen

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Our kitchen energy runs off solar and gas. We do not use a generator, we prefer to cook over an open fire.
  • Great Migration Camps Tented Accommodation - Interior

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Meru Migration Canvas tents Interior. Thick Memory Foam mattresses and pillows. War, comfortable bedding for cold nights and a Masai shuka for warm evenings
  • Great Migration Camps - tented mobile camp

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Travel light, travel quickly - with no compromise on comfort.
  • Great Migration Camps - Ablutions, Toilet

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    GMC mobile camp uses a biochemical toilet – like the portable ones used when climbing mountains, or the pump action toilet on a boat. It’s clean, and has no smell.
  • Great Migration Camps - Ablutions, wash basin

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Wake up call with warm water at your private wash basin at your tent.
  • Great Migration Camps - Ablutions, Shower

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    A gravity-fed boiler with two shower heads feeds into two sub-divided cubicles for the best hot shower with the best pressure in the bush. Turn the lever on or off for a hot shower outdoors!
  • Great Migration Camps - Ablutions, Wash Basin

    Credit: Carel Verhoef
    Clients have a private wash-basin at their tent. Warm water is brought in the mornings to freshen up for the day.

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Great Migration Camps

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