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Gabus Game Ranch

  • Swimming Pool Area

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    The Swimming Pool Area is surrounded by a beautiful garden
  • Lodge Waterhole In Rainy Season

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    The Lodge Waterhole gets very full if the area experiences good rainfall
  • Swimming Pool Area

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
  • Luxury Room

    Enjoy the comfort of our Luxury Room
  • Luxury Room

  • Luxury Room Balcony

    Enjoy the direct view on the waterhole from your room and watch the wild animals who come to drink
  • Morning Sun Panorama

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    The beautiful morning sun shining on the beautiful yellow autumn leaves.
  • Horse Safari

    Enjoy a horse safari in Gabus and get close from wild animals
  • Game Drive

  • Guided Walk

  • Horse Riding

  • Sable

  • Hartmans Mountain Zebra

    They mostly live in the mountains surrounding Gabus, you can spot them during game drive !
  • Kudu

    Meet this majestic animal. They often come around 11:00 A.M to drink at the waterhole in front of the lodge.
  • Black Wildebeest

    Often confused by visitors with a Buffalo the Black Wildebeest definitely has some commonalities with the Big 5 Animal.
  • Giraffe

    Credit: Bianca Paulsen
    Over 200 Giraffes roam the 6200 hectare area
  • Waterbuck Bull

    Credit: Harald Kuehl
    Waterbuck Bull seen on Game Drive.
  • Hartmans Mountain Zebra

    Credit: Bianca Paulsen
    What a beautiful animal! The Hartmans Mountain Zebras like to move along the Beautiful Uiseb mountains which surround Gabus.
  • Eland

    Weighing up to 1 ton this is the biggest Antelope in Namibia. Elands live in big groups of about 50-70 animals.
  • Warthogs

    Warthogs bathing in the waterhole
  • Springbuck

    Credit: Harald Kuehl
    Springbucks grazing with Impalas
  • Common Impala

    Credit: Bianca Paulsen
    More than 800 Impalas inhibit the 6200 hectare area.
  • Damara Dik-Dik

    The Smallest Antelope in Namibia.
  • Red Hartebeest

    Credit: Klaus Raiber
    A Red Hartebeest leaving a waterhole.
  • Giraffes

    Credit: Harald Kuehl
    A Giraffe family lining up for the cover of the family album :-)
  • Young Giraffes

    The Younger generation of Giraffes is super cute! These are 2-3 weeks old.
  • Midday Savannah Grasslands Panorama

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    Beautiful Savannah Grasslands in front of the Otavi mountain ranges.
  • Sunset Panorama

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    Beautiful African sunset sky
  • Gabus Game Ranch

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseleer
    A real African sunrise from the mountain viewpoint.
  • Lodge Area

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    The Lodge area at Sunset
  • Lodge Area

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    The Lodge Area at Night
  • Pool Area at Sunset

    Credit: Carl-Heinz Benseler
    Enjoy the sunset the African way - around a fire!
  • Restaurant - Main Course

    The Main Course mostly consists of Fresh, organic meat directly from the Farm of course! Starches including Rice, Cous-Cous and Pasta is also served as well as Vegetables such as Carrots, Pumpkin.
  • Restaurant - Dessert

    Everyone loves Dessert! The most prominent dish served on Gabus is White Elephant.