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Room Interior
Clear-view windows allowing for uninterrupted views
Room Interior
Interior of Luxury suite
Breath taking views from the Luxury suite
Interior of the Luxury suite
Dining room with a view
Relax in the elegant and comfortable lounge area
Enjoy sun downers on the deck
Dinner on the deck with perfect sunsets
Enjoy a quiet drink after dinner at the camp fire
Exploring the camp on the expansive decks
Relax and cool off in this magical swimming pool
Private dinner with magical sunsets over the delta
Mokoro Water Bar
Guided bush walks are conducted on a number of the nearby islands
Explore the intricacies of the Okavango Delta the old fashioned way, in the traditional contours of the Mokoro (traditional dugout canoe)
Back of house Solar Plant
Private dinning with exceptional view
Solar plant
Camp pool
Aerial view