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Ohiwa Seascape Studios

  • Ohiwa Seascape Studios

    Ohiwa Seascape Studios
  • Grand garden vistas

    Grand garden vistas
  • Summer Hydrangea show

    Relax in the flower garden
  • Paradise in Ohiwa

    Beautiful Ohiwa Seascape Studios
  • Relax

    Relax and enjoy the view
  • Ohiwa Harbour views

    Ohiwa Harbour views - a short walk away
  • Garden views

    Enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean from the garden.
  • Honey Loft

    Honey Loft - Cottage style
  • Honey Loft

    Honey Loft - just relaxing
  • Honey Loft Terrace

    Honey Loft Terrace with views over garden and the sea
  • East Studio

    East Studio kitchen
  • East Studio dining nook

    East Studio dining nook with garden views
  • East Studio

    East Studio designed with light colours
  • West Studio

    West Studio kitchen and tv
  • West Studio

    West Studio bed and dining area
  • West Studio bathroom

    West Studio spa bath