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Charly's Desert Tours Living Dunes Experience

Charly's Desert Tours Living Dunes Experience is an extraordinary exploration of the coastal dune belt just outside Swakopmund. To the untrained eye the dunes are just a pile of sand, however, the skilled and experienced guides will introduce visitors to a wealth of desert life. Often referred to a "Living Desert Tour", the guides will track Palmetto geckos, sand diving lizards, the famous fog-basking tok-tokkie beetle, sidewinder snakes, spiders, scorpions, and chameleons. As the guides lead you to explore this breath-taking terrain, they will share a lot of information on origin, weather and the special adaptations of its inhabitants. This 3.5 -hour exploration will be rounded off with a short dune drive.

The guides will pick you up from any hotel / Guesthouse in Swakopmund free of charge and we include still mineral water in all of our tours.

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