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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

Vulture Culture Experience

All guests at the resort, as well as visitors to the Lodge are invited to enjoy this daily educational activity affectionately referred to as the ‘Vulture Culture’ experience.

This program is for guests at the resort, as well as visitors. It focuses on the ecological importance of raptors and scavengers in order to maintain and to build an overall awareness of conservations issues these birds face. By educating about the feeding habits and conservation of vultures, we are not only creating awareness of the conservations issues that faces these birds, but benefiting their living environment within the area.

The experience occurs daily at 1300hrs in front of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The activity is great for photography and bird identification, and to date is thoroughly enjoyed by guests and visitors.

At 1245hrs, our resident guide gathers the guests sitting at the Buffalo Bar to join him to head to down to the feeding area. Carcasses from The Boma dinner the previous night are thrown out to attract circling vultures. This is an amazing experience as there is activity in the sky at 1245hrs and by 1300hrs – it is heaving with over 100 vultures and other birds of prey.

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Siduli Hide - Hide Sits

Situated on the edge of the waterhole at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, the Siduli Hide offers guests a chance observe wildlife in a unique way.

A suitably trained and qualified Professional Guide escorts guests into the hide, which is designed to look like a termite mound. This involves a short walk (5 minutes) from the lodge to the hide. Once hidden within, guests wait for a variety of mammal, reptile and bird species to visit the waterhole to quench their thirsts or to sample minerals at the nearby salt-lick.

We recommend early morning and late afternoon trips to the hide. Times will vary slightly with the seasons, but we normally meet set off for the hide at 0615hrs and at 1615hrs in the afternoons.

Time spent in the hide will vary, but we sell it as a minimum of a two hour sit. We confirm on 2 guests and currently we can take a maximum of 6 guests. No children under 16 years allowed (unless special permission is granted).

In the morning, clients will be offered tea/coffee at Vic Falls Safari Lodge, before going into the hide. In the afternoon, we will include soft drinks, mineral water and a limited amount of beer (people need to be in a sober state due to close wildlife interactions). Ideally, the pickup times should be 15 minutes prior to the departure times above.

Please note that due to seasonal changes and the fact that this is an authentic wild experience, we cannot guarantee wildlife sightings. Saying this, the drier it gets, the more chance there is of having some very good close up encounters!

Further points to consider: Guests must be able to sit quietly for long periods of time and should not suffer from claustrophobia! Due to the possibility of close interactions with wildlife, this experience is not for the faint-hearted! This activity is ideal for photographers, small groups and wildlife enthusiasts, who are after a ‘non-touristy” experience.

Rack rate: US$50.00 per person.

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