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Great Migration Camps

5 star wildlife experiences
Great Migration Camps mobile focuses on the experience of being in the bush and encountering wildlife. The important stuff is done really well: first-class guiding with comprehensive knowledge of the terrain, geology, history, geography, environment and birds and wildlife, reliable vehicles & remote and intimate camping spots. Your everyday requirements are not left to chance - good coffee, cold beers, hot showers, comfortable bedding and tasty wholesome food cooked over an open fire all add up to truly unforgettable experiences.

GMC is mobile

Much like the wildebeest, the GMC mobile camp migrates according to the signs and symptoms of life in the bush -  staying in tune with the natural environment, weather conditions and where the herds are gathered. The camp is small enough and mobile enough to move location in a day and we can go anywhere - from the Northern Serengeti to Mkomazi NP and beyond. 

Serengeti - Following the Great Wildebeest Migration

In the Serengeti National Park, Great Migration Camps Mobile follows the wildebeest migration on a micro scale, guaranteeing migration sightings and experiences. The wildebeest migrate all year, moving in a circular pattern which encompasses the greater Serengeti/Mara eco system and will include NCA, Serengeti, surrounding reserves, Masai Mara National Reserve and Mara Triangle. 

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