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Floreana Lava Lodge

Day 1.- Floreana Arrival

Floreana Arrival

This peaceful island is home to the Galapagos’ smallest population, only 150 people, and is also the least developed and most natural of the four inhabited islands. Once a pirates’ lair, Floreana was the first inhabited island in the Galapagos and descendents of the original population still live here together with the mysterious tales and legends that surround their ancestors.

On Floreana we will be hiking, learning about the fascinating history of the local people, and seeing some of the Galapagos special wildlife (giant tortoises, frigate birds, Darwin's finches, sea lions, and petrels). We check in at our lodge overlooking the Galapagos’ most beautiful and secluded bay.

After that we will walk for 30 minutes towards La Loberia (a sea lion breeding ground) and then for our first marine encounter, snorkeling and swimming in the warm bright water with sea turtles, sea lions, spectacular rays and lots of shimmering fishes In the afternoon we return to the lodge for a nice warm shower and recommend dinner in the village.

Night Activity (weather permitting): star gazing

Overnight stay in Lava Lodge

Meals: Not included

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Day 2.- Exploring the Floreana Highlands

Day 2: Exploring the Floreana Highlands

After breakfast we leave to explore the Floreana highlands on our open-air bus (chiva), an unbeatable, historic, and comfortable way to see the island.

On the way our Naturalist Guide will point out the wildlife and give us an idea of the colorful history of some of Floreana's first inhabitants, such as the Wittmers (whose descendents still live on the Island), the ‘Baroness’, and the pirates that once visited here. They will also tell you about the "Enigma of Floreana", involving the mysterious deaths of several of the Island´s inhabitants, a riddle that has never been solved.

After driving into the highlands, we reach Asilo de la Paz (Peace Haven) where our hike begins. We walk up to this historic site, explore pirate caves, and visit the freshwater spring that provides water for the entire Island. Along the way, you can expect to see giant tortoises lumbering around in the vegetation or even on the trail. We leave Asilo de Paz walking down through a rural area where the local people grow produce for their own consumption: this is a fascinating example about how these island people survived in this remote place and over the years were able to develop an understanding of the local environment and now work to preserve their unique agricultural knowledge.

Once back on the coast we will be able to watch the extraordinary behavior of the frigate birds who ‘dance’ as they wash their salty wings in the fresh water. With a little bit of luck, we may be able to see males puffing up the red pouches on their chests in an attempt to attract females.

From La Primavera we continue by Chiva down towards Las Palmas, where the Island’s first permanent inhabitant, the eccentric Dr Ritter, lived and is buried. Arriving in 1926, this German physician believed that with a combination of exercise and the right vegetarian diet he would live to be 150 years old. He didn´t, but his story is one of the many strange episodes that still abound on the island. On the way we will see spectacular views of the Floreana shoreline, and on arrival sit down to a special BBQ.

Overnight stay in Lava Lodge

Meals: B, Special BBQ

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Day 3.- Marine Exploration

Day 3 - Marine Exploration

Today is time for some marine exploration, snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddling, SUP, our newest water activity. It is lots of fun, so come and learn how to walk on water. There is time for a quick lunch (not included) on your preferred restaurant in the community and return via speed boat towards Puerto Ayora.

Please note that you may need to consider additional services in Santa Cruz before your flight back to the continent via Baltra.

Meals: B

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