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Cooking demo

This in house cooking demonstration, led by Henrietta, will guide you into how to use ingredients and spices to make that perfect Sri Lankan curry. Not only do you get to have a go at making the famous street food ‘Hopper’, but you get to eat what’s been prepared too!

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Cultural Show

With music, dancers, traditional costumes, fire breathers, tumblers and more, this short event, which is usually arranged to take place prior to dinner, is not to be missed and gives a brief glimpse at the spectacle of Sri Lanka’s dazzling performers and history.

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We have a massage pavilion set among the lush garden and can arrange Ayurveda treatments surrounded by the sound of the local wildlife.

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Our yoga shala is perfect for one on one or group classes and will help you easily slip in to holiday mode.

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Local activites we can arrange

Guided bicycle rides with Idle Bikes

Surfing / Snorkeling / Diving / Sailing

Shopping excursions

Buddhist Temple visits

Tea and Cinnamon plantation tours

Galle Fort walking tours

And with a cricket bat and ball on site…the staff will never turn down a friendly game with the children!

All activities can be planned in advance or arranged when at the hotel, any of the Why House team will be happy to help.

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