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Ashnil Mara Camp

Ashnil Mara Camp sits on the 25 million year pre-historic land which spans virtually all stages of life’s evolution and the fossil record. It comprises 56luxury tents, located within the Maasai Mara National Reserve adjacent to the Mara River famous for the wildebeest migration.

The Mara, more often than not has been described as Kenya’s finest wildlife reserve due to the abundant flora and fauna and the gentle rolling grasslands that ensure the animals are never out of sight.

 For those in love with flora 7 Fauna, the dirve to go on safari is triggered by the desire to see wildlife and vegetation in htheir natural habitat. We give you an opportunity to spot wildlife on a running commentary of information given by our experienced driver guids. Our game drives are cnducted in 4 x 4 vehicles, which are equipped to cover the rough terrains asssociated with safaris.   come catch the wildebeest migration amid a raw blend of luxury and the wild. 

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