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Onsea House & Machweo Retreat

Machweo Fine Dining

Dining at Machweo is a delight. In 2006, Belgian chef Axel Janssens started to create the “Onsea House” style: a fusion of what he learned in the Michelin starred restaurants during his career combined with local influences and ingredients. Five years later, in 2011, the restaurant moved to its current location at Machweo.

The food and service is best described as Brasserie style with an African touch. Mixing the best of both worlds, the traditional French cuisine and the wonderful creativity and inspiration of this continent. The pure taste and flavours of the freshest ingredients are dressed and presented in the best way: elegant and contemporary. And of course everything is home made, yes, even the bread and the ice-cream,…

For every dish on the menu we recommend a complementing wine. Alternatively, you can make your own choice out of an amazing selection of wines that you can find on our wine list.

Our chef Axel is not only a very experienced and creative chef, he is also a great teacher. Throughout the year we have vulnerable youth who take on the challenge of the kitchen and we see them develop and grow under Axel’s wings. We now have, in addition to Axel, a few very talented young people who can provide peer-training of (future) chefs. What they can offer you and/or your staff is on-site, needs-based training. For a few hours, a few days, a few sessions… we are flexible. Our team is specialized in food presentation, cooking with quality products, dietary-request-cooking and wine stewarding.

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