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Kunene River - Skeleton Coast

Kuenene River - Skeleton Coast

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Serra Cafema Camp Accommodation Tented Camp
Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Accommodation Safari Lodge
Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Accommodation Safari Lodge

Namibia Itineraries

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Best of Namibia, Botswana & The Falls with private aircraft Sample 17 summary <p>17 days of pristine Southern Africa with private aircraft including the deserts and landscapes of Namibia, the magical Okavango Delta in Botswana and ending at the mighty Victoria Falls.</p>
Namibia & Botswana Scenery & Wildlife Sample DMA-WS 15 summary <p>Combination of the expansive desert scenery of Namibia and with the incredible safari experience of Botswana. Full of unique locations, encounters and ever changing landscapes.</p>
Namibia by private aircraft Sample NF-PC12CB 10 summary <p>Exploration of Namibia, its scenery, with specialist guide and private Pilatus PC12 aircraft</p>
Namibia Helicopter Adventure Sample NFTA-Heli 13 summary <p>Namibia adventure by helicopter</p>
The Best of Botswana & Namibia Sample PS 12 summary <p>The best of Namibia and Botswana takes you from the world&#39;s oldest desert to the home of the desert rhino and elephant and remoteness of the Kunene. From there you fly across to the world&#39;s largest inland delta, the magical Okavango which you get to experience from both a water and land camp.</p>
The Best of Namibia Sample PS 11
The Best of Namibia & Botswana Sample PS 12
The Great Namibian Journey Sample PS 13