Start your experience in Chinchero, a small colonial town built upon Inca ruins high in the windswept plains of the Sacred Valley (12,430 ft.). It would be easy to spend your entire visit lost in the breathtaking views and architecture that hasn´t changed in centuries, but the real star of the show here is the market, which is the opportunity to see locals exchaging their handicrafts, food, and textiles for other necessities. Even though the market takes places every day, Sunday is the best day to witness it. 
Next, continue on to the ruins of Moray. It has been suggested that these huge circular terraces have a cosmological meaning, however the Incas are thought to have used them as a kind of “crop laboratory”. 
Finally, descend to the fascinating salt mines of Maras, where seeing the locals mining the salt by hand is truly a unique experience. You will have the option to buy some salt of your own, supporting the local economy and making an excellent souvenir.

Please allow approximately six hours for the entire experience.