Trip Summary

Diamante’s oceanfront location offers a fantastic zip line course, the Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary, Botanical Garden and cultural experiences. 

Adventure Pass: A fun-filled day includes a fantastic zip line course with the longest ride times and features a nearly mile-long ocean view line Superman-style, a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump and a hanging bridge over crocodiles. Costa Rica’s best and only ocean view dual zip line allows guests to share this experience with family and friends. This pass also provides unlimited access to Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary, Botanical Garden and a Costa Rican buffet.

Discover Pass: only includes animal Sanctuary and botanical gardens. Diamante is home to a large variety of Costa Rican animals that are in need. Some of the animals in our care have been born in other wildlife management programs for scientific and educational purposes; others are rescued and placed in our management by the authorities of Costa Rica. These animals are not fit for life in the natural environment and are cared for by a large team of qualified and dedicated professionals. 

Aerial Pass: is a must-do experience offering the longest ride times and featuring a nearly mile long ocean view line Superman-style (1360 meters). Also included is a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump. The dual lines let guests share their experiences with their families and friends, riding side by side. 

Cultural Pass: The Traditional House located in the Botanical Garden offers a guided hands-on experience with our sugar cane, coffee, and chocolate history. The Botanical Garden is full of medicinal plants, fruit trees, and flowering plants.

Tour Information

Tour Code: CRSV - Diamante

Departure Time: 8:00am

Return Time: Approx. 2:00pm

Additional Information

What to bring:

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suits
  • Beachwear and towels
  • Comfortable clothes and walking shoes, hats and camera.

Driving time: 30 minutes. 


Adventure Pass $118 adults/$95 kids

Discover Pass:  $42 adults/$34 kids

Aerial Pass: $78 adult/$63 kids

Cultural Pass: $55 adult/ $44 kids


*Minimum weight 66 lbs

*Maximum weight 280 lbs.


  • Taxes

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