Langa is well known for its cultural offerings, its warmth and sense of community and wide array of offerings available to visitors. It is the closest and most easily accessible of Cape Town's townships, making it a firm favourite with tourists.

Township Tours to Langa are popular and a typical tour includes visits to a family hostel, a preschool (if open), a shebeen and a traditional healer. Being a compact area, most tours are conducted on foot with a local guide, but it is also possible to do a bicycle tour of the township.

Several residents have opened up their homes to offer visitors a homestay experience, allowing tourists an authentic experience and locals a chance to build a business. Other residents supply the homestays with services, from laundry and food supplies to hair treatments & pedicures.

A number of restaurants in Langa offer a memorable African eating experience, the most popular are Eziko, Lelapa and Mzansi's. For those seeking a spot with a lively and welcoming atmosphere with braai meat and beer on offer there are also some shebeens (taverns) popular with tourists and locals alike.