Commonly known as ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’ due to its dramatically high altitude, Lesotho is rather unique in that it is entirely surrounded by South Africa. This tiny and spectacularly mountainous kingdom makes for a wonderful adventure getaway with excellent pony trekking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, abseiling, birdwatching, mountain biking and even snow skiing on offer. The country’s highlands boast magnificent mountain scenery, clean mountain air and the opportunity to witness the fascinating traditional cultures of its warm and welcoming locals. Visit isolated Basotho villages dotted about the rolling hills of Lesotho’s extraordinarily scenic countryside with its breathtaking waterfalls and its maze of glistening streams.

Itinerary favourites include: the highest waterfall in southern Africa, the Maletsunyane Falls; as well as the modern yet traditional capital city of Maseru. Lesotho is an ideal location for travellers seeking an adventurous outdoor experience in a place of raw natural beauty with a wonderfully preserved authentic local culture. (ITT)