Savute offers a harsh and desert-like landscape in the dry season when the wildlife is supported by the Savute Channel and marsh when the water flows, or the waterholes if it doesn’t. The rainy season provides a dramatic contrast as seasonal pans fill with water and the marsh and surrounds are covered with lush green vegetation, zebra and wildebeest, as well as an abundance of birdlife. Large outcrops of volcanic rock reach up out of Kalahari sands providing a habitat for a completely different array of small wildlife, birds and plants.

The Savute area is at its best for game viewing from May – October during the dry winter months, however it can offer more consistent game viewing than other areas during the rainy season (Nov – April) making it a good option for travel the whole year round.

The Savute marsh has been the stage for many of the more dramatic wildlife documentaries in Africa. The good ungulate populations such as zebras and wildebeest, together with particularly strong prides of lion and hyena clans make for dramatic wildlife interactions and excellent game viewing opportunities. It is not unusual to see wild dog and leopard in and around the marsh area as well. Big herds of elephants can often be spotted out on the marsh, as well as buffalo during years when there’s enough water in the area.