Milford sound, New Zealand’s most well-known tourist destination, is not really a sound at all but a fjord as it was created by a succession of glaciers which carved through the rocks as they gouged a track to the sea leaving in their wake the impressive rock formations visible today. Home to some diverse and particularly unusual wildlife including fur seals and crested penguins, as well as bottlenose and dusky dolphins, this geographical gem is a must-see for nature lovers. With the striking Mitre Peak towering over head, sheer rocky cliffs rise vertically out of the calm dark waters while nearby, the waters of the exquisite Bowen Falls plunge down a 520-foot drop before crashing dramatically into the fjord below. With its remarkable geographical setting and its unbelievable abundance of wildlife, it is easy to see why writer Rudyard Kipling once called Milford Sound the “eighth natural wonder of the world.”