As you get an opportunity to taste the pungent and hot flavours of robust Chettinad cuisine, revel in its aroma to the maximum. The fragrance of pan-seared preparations in rich spices will surely lift up your spirits after the historic tour of South India and make you fall in love with it forever.

Belonging to the Chettinad region in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the namesake cuisine is known for its subtle spicy flavours. This aromatic cuisine is termed after the word Chettiar, which was once used by land holders and merchants. It is basically the cuisine of this region, which has served as its brand ambassador on the culinary map. So much so that no non-vegetarian restaurant’s menu misses out on the famous Chicken Chettinad.

Owing to the dry and arid climate of this region, the food preparation here incorporates sun drying technique to a great extent. A lot of herbs and spices are sun dried and then pounded for further preservation. Besides succulent meat preparations, the cuisine is popular for its spicy pickles as well.

Our Hi! Tours representative will make arrangements for a grand feast at one of the chettiar’s bungalows. The chettiars boast of an unmatched hospitality that includes lavish spreads and elaborate kitchen service. Once a community fair, the kitchen of the chettiars still exudes the feeling of ‘you are always welcome’.

After devouring this sumptuous Chettinad feast, enjoy an overnight stay at these spacious bungalows, arranged by Hi! Tours. These bungalows of Chettiar community have an old-world charm to their architecture. Large courtyards, high ceilings and carved pillars are of the prominent features of this architectural design.

Besides this amazing experience, Hi! Tours also arranges for elaborate lunch for its guests at these Chettiar bungalows while returning from Tanjore/Trichy to Madurai or vice versa.