Ai Ais, which means "burning water" in one of the local languages, refers to the sulphurous hot springs which are found in this area. One of these springs has its eye within the camp. Ai-/Ais lies at the southern end of the Fish River conservation area and is where you will finish the Fish River 4 day hiking trail.

The main attraction at the resort is the spa complex. The extreme heat of the springs date back to 1850 when they were discovered by a Nama herder searching for his lost sheep.

The water has natural curative ingredients and is especially therapeutic for rheumatism sufferers. The resort has a restaurant and bar, serves buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodates a maximum of 100 visitors.
There is also room service, laundry services, secure parking, safe at the reception and disabled ramps into the building and into all the rooms.