The highpoint (literally) of your visit to Cape Town will give you an awe-inspiring bird’s eye view of Table Mountain and Cape Town, thanks to state-of-the-art cable cars.

Table Mountain reaches a height of 1,085m, at its highest point, and has a broad, flat surface, resembling that of a table and thus inspiring its name. The glorious views over the Mother City start the minute you step on the cableway (one of only three in the world). The floor of the 65 passenger Cable Car rotates 360 degrees during the ascent/descent, which takes 5-10 minutes from summit to base and vice versa, travelling up to 10m per second.

The mountain itself serves as a nature reserve, home to many indigenous plants and animals. The top offers a selection of viewpoints over the peninsula and trails suitable for all types of explorer, ranging from the handicapped to the avid hiker. Maps are available on site and it is important that you not dawdle too far off the marked trails. There is also a curio shop and full café for refreshments and meals at the top, but the best the top has to offer would be its views, which span across the whole of Cape Town and its surrounds.