A quaint farming community surrounded by verdant valleys on the banks of Namorona River, the small town of Ranomafana is situated in the district of Ifanadiana in the Vatovavy-Fitovinany Region of southeastern Madagascar. Just a few kilometres away from town is the famous Ramofana National Park, a 41 600-hectare expanse of thriving rainforest. Nature lovers can enjoy hiking through the mountainous terrain, enjoy a leisurely soak in the thermal hot waters and view the abundant wildlife that inhabits the area including twelve lemur species, varying species of bats, tenrecs, mongooses, chameleons, spiders and over a hundred species of bird. Located east of Ranomafana is the picturesque Ranomafana Arboretum, an impressive botanical garden that boasts over 250 plant species and 36 tree species that thrive in this pristine paradise.