Los Tuneles is a famous site located at 40 minutes by boat southwest of Puerto Villamil (Isabela). It is an exciting boat adventure to a very unique geological site, a real snorkeling paradise and home to various species!

You firstly visit the lava tunnels where you can see the blue footed boobies. Your guide will explain about the different lava types found on the island and about the different species of birds and animals found in this part of the lava tunnels.

Then it´s time for a snorkel trip to the number 1 snorkeling site of the archipelago! At Cabo Rosa you will have a great chance of seeing many marine turtles, white tipped reef sharks, rays, tropical fish…and even sea horses are often seen here!

The tour takes about 3 to 4 hours depending on the weather and currents, most tours take place in the mornings.