Situated in the Ecuadorian Manabi Province, along the central coast, the Machalilla National Park is a protected coastal nature reserve that incorporates fog and dry forests, beaches, small islands, and two larger islands. Wildlife in the park includes regional and endangered species, more than 270 bird species, two species of monkeys as well as armadillos. The park is also home to the waved albatross. The ocean regions in the park provide a breeding ground for humpback whales. Vegetation in the park includes algaroba trees, kapok trees, palo santo trees, and the Opuntia cactus. The beaches here provide a major attraction for many travellers, with Los Frailes providing wonderful golden sands and a second cove dedicated to nesting turtles. History and culture enthusiasts should make sure to visit the ancient ruins at Agua Blanca, which were once home to six different cultures.