The Mojanda Lakes area is one of the hidden gems of the countryside of Otavalo, north of Quito. Sitting inside the crater of an extinct volcano, the Mojanda Lakes is a complex of three lakes: Caricocha (male lake), Huarmicocha (female lake) and Yanacocha (black lake). The three of them are connected by different paths through the high paramo and defended by two mountains, the Fuya Fuya to the East and the Yanahurco to the West. Around the lakes the landscape is surrealistic with misty clouds hanging over the mountains, native forests, and hilly plains with high grass.

The average altitude is around 3500m (12000ft). You can hike up Mount Fuya Fuya which is an uphill climb (not technical) up to the summit at 4260m (14000ft). If you are lucky and it’s a clear day, you can observe the majestic surroundings from the top and see several volcanoes, such as Cotacachi, Imbabura and Cayambe. Our guide will be able to explain you about the flora and fauna found in this protected area.