Harajuku District is the area surrounding Harajuku station, located between the Shinjuku ward and the Shibuya ward in Tokyo.

The district features some of Japan’s most extreme fashion trends, and region's teenagers have developed a clothing style referred to as ‘Harajuku style’ – an individualistic style of dress combining traditional Japanese attire with a variety of pop cultures and over-the-top accessories and hairstyles.

These styles are catered for in the trendy shops, fashion boutiques and used clothing stores that line Takeshita Street.

Restaurants, cafes, toy shops and famous brand name shops that cater for the more adult shopper inhabit the broad, tree-lined Omotesando street and the beautiful Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu shrine offer a cool green oasis away from all the frenzy. Harajuku is also home to the Ota Memorial Museum of Art and the Nezu Museum.