Located just off the coast of Hiroshima, the serenely beautiful island of Miyajima is considered one of the crown jewels of Japan.

Known as ‘The Island of Gods’ due to its abundance of well-preserved shrines and temples, Miyajima is best known for its remarkable floating Itsukushima Shrine, which features a majestic vermilion gate rising out of the calm sea.

Miyajima’s only village retains a classically Japanese Edo-era look, featuring a particularly attractive seafront promenade.

The nearby main shopping street, Omotesando, is lined with charming shops and restaurants serving an array of traditional Japanese culinary delights.

Spend your days lazing on the idyllic beaches; hiking in the virgin forest of Mount Misen, whose summit provides panoramic views across the Inland Sea; or exploring the wide range of traditional cultural sites on offer.