Situated in Ecuador’s Pujili Canton in the Cotopaxi Province, the tiny village of Quilotoa is known for its famous Quilotoa Crater Lake, an astonishingly bright turquoise body of water which, according to legend, ‘has no floor’ (geologists estimate a depth of 250 metres). A lookout on the precipice allows views of the lake 400 metres below and the white peaks of the Cotopaxi and Iliniza Sur beyond, and adventurous hikers can hike into or around the crater or camp at the breathtaking but cold bottom. The town is part of the popular Quilotoa Loop and a common starting point for the multi-day village to village Quilotoa Traverse. Other highlights include: the swathes of cloud forest in the Ilinizas Reserve, the Iliniza Norte and Iliniza Sur volcanic peaks, several surrounding indigenous Andean villages, excellent accommodation in Chugchilan, and the traditional food and wares of the vibrant markets in Saquisili.