Hawaii's third-largest island, Oahu, lies within Honolulu County. Oahu is the cultural and economic heart of Hawaii and home to over 85 percent of the state’s laid-back, friendly inhabitants. The clear blue waters, pristine beaches, and funky beach towns of the eastern and northern shores stand in stark contrast to the striking metropolitan cityscapes and fast-paced, big city lifestyle of the State’s Capital, Honolulu. Home to Pearl Harbour, numerous beautiful Polynesian temples, and the only royal palace in the US, Oahu remains rooted in its rich historical past while simultaneously moving forward and embracing the future. The revitalisation of many of its quaint old towns has resulted in a slew of trendy designer boutiques, contemporary urban art galleries, and enough farm-to-table eateries to delight even the most enthusiastic foodie. It is this rich tapestry of the old and the new, bustling city living alongside slow-paced island life that makes Oahu an island paradise unlike any other.