Sharks are enigmatic and powerful specimens of evolutionary success.
The mere image of them summons up the most primal and intense emotions.
In South Africa, we are blessed to have the Great White Sharks, Bronze Whaler Sharks and Seven Gill Cow Sharks close to our shores. This allows us to safely introduce them to our clients to observe and dive with in a safe professional environment. Shark Cage Diving remains a niche and unique product, one which more and more people have at the very top of their Bucket Lists.

Divers and non-divers can rest assured that diving and observing our wonderful sharks with us will be a secure and wondrous experience.

White Shark Projects co-ordinates five star customer service along with conservation initiatives, education and research around one of the ocean's greatest predatory forces. A day with them includes breakfast/lunch, snacks on board, all diving equipment, diving and observing sharks and a guided boat tour with our fully qualified crew.