The exquisite tropical haven of Aitutaki is an island forming part of the Southern Cook Islands. A 45-minute flight from the capital island of Rarotonga, Aitutaki provides a convenient, remote getaway for travellers seeking some peace and tranquility away from the stresses of the modern world. This little pocket of paradise in the South Pacific boasts some of the area’s most magnificent powder-white beaches, tropical rainforests and authentic Polynesian culture. The island is surrounded by a spectacular lagoon which is blessed with wonderful shallow, warm waters ideal for snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. The lagoon is dotted with a number of little deserted islets and is brimming with an abundance of colourful coral and tropical fish. Tiny Aitutaki is home to only 2,100 or so inhabitants, most of whom live in the capital village of Arutanga. The infrastructure on the island is basic, including all the necessary conveniences without crossing the line into crass commercialism.