Known locally as 'Raro', this spectacularly scenic island is the largest and by far the most popular of the Cook Islands. The interior is dominated by magnificent, volcanic peaks cloaked in lush tropical forests. These slopes give way to agricultural terraces, flats and swamps which stretch out towards gorgeous palm-studded, golden-sand beaches fringing most of the island. The 32 km circumference of Rarotonga is surrounded by a warm, shallow aquamarine blue lagoon surrounded by a glorious orange halo of coral reef teeming with a kaleidoscope of colourful tropical fish. There is a wide range of tourist activities available including, among others: snorkelling, scuba diving, cycling, kite surfing, hiking, boat tours, and scenic flights. With all of this and more on offer, Rarotonga is an ideal place to soak up some sun, the relaxing island atmosphere and thousands of years of Polynesian history and culture.