Kicker Rock, also known as León Dormido, is the remains of an eroded cone of an extinct volcano in the shape of a sleeping lion which earned it the name, Leon Dormido. Above the water, the monolithic rock formation towers over 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean and is home to various blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, sea lions, red-billed tropicbirds.

Kicker rock is one of the most famous snorkeling sites in the Galapagos Archipelago.

The natural erosion of this ancient cone has formed a channel between the rocks that produces the perfect habitat for Galapagos sharks, whitetip sharks, rays, pelagic and reef fish, sea turtles, sea lions.

Do take in mind that this spot requires open water snorkeling skills, as there is no dry landing until the end of the tour. Some previous snorkelling experience may be useful. When you take part in a Kicker Rock tour on San Cristobal, you will visit one of these three nearby deserted beaches: Manglesito, Puerto Grande or Cerro Brujo.