Ol Malo is a privately-owned game sanctuary on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River in Kenya's wild and beautiful North Eastern Province - 5000 acres of spectacular bush country overlooked by Mount Kenya. Ol Malo is one of the few owner-managed properties in Kenya.

It offers the discerning guest a genuinely incomparable experience, one where you can get very close to the original pioneer days, where the settlers and the local tribes' people (Samburu in this case) etched out a life which was to precede the Kenya we know today. Here, many of the old ways still exist!

In this majestic setting - on a rock escarpment on the edge of the Laikipia Plateau, bordering the tribal heartlands of the nomadic Samburu people – the Francombe family, and their Samburu neighbours, have created a home for themselves, and a dream destination for the privileged few who seek a glimpse into the real heart of Africa.  They are pleased to be able to share their vision, their experience and their way of life with guests from around the world, either in the hospitality of the family home in the grounds of one of the most stunning properties and with one of the most impressive views in Africa.

Wildlife is prolific, and includes 4 of the Big 5 (Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard and Lion) as well as frequent sightings of Eland, Beisa Oryx (rare elsewhere), Gerenuk, Greater kudu, Water Buck, Giraffe, Zebras, and Various Antelope; there are more leopard in Laikipia than anywhere else on Earth, and there is a leopard hide on the property.  Cheetah, Striped Hyena, and even Wild Dog are seen. The Leopard Hide is with bunk beds by the waterhole, so you can stay out all night. There is also a Tree House, like the Nest, at Ngare Serian.

The day may start with a wakeup call with hot coffee or tea, and with freshly baked cookies being delivered to you on your ' veranda' to allow you to watch the sun rise over the wild and spectacular land in front of your cottage, with Mt. Kenya looming majestically in the background.  If you are lucky, you may spot the elusive leopard as he slinks off under the shade of a tree to nap through the day, or maybe a herd of elephant coming in to drink at the water pool below your cottage.

An early morning game drive to spot the first giraffe, eland, buffalo or maybe a skulking cat is followed by a late breakfast. Some people prefer to go on a nature walk in the cool of the morning, accompanied by guides and camels and later they will be surprised by a delicious breakfast served under the shade of an acacia tree, just at the right moment. Or a horse ride will take you into the midst of the game. As the tropical sun climbs higher in the sky, guests return from various activities to the lodge to relax by the infinity swimming pool.

A visit to the Samburu workshop, run by Julia, the Francombe’s daughter, is a favourite and interesting activity.  Colourful Samburu women sing while they use their beading skills to create wonderful objects to Julia's designs.  Groups of chatting Samburu children paint delightful pictures of their world around them in bright colours.  This 'Development through Art' workshop is designed to help the local people help themselves and puts money in the Ol Malo Trust to help with education and medical. Ol Malo is also justifiably proud of its excellent clinic and medical facilities.

Lunch is served at the pool and is a very informal affair.  Followed by an afternoon by the pool, relaxing or a visit to the Ol Malo shop and very soon it is time for an evening activity. A visit to the local Samburu homestead 'Manyatta' is a wonderful experience.  Unspoilt by western cultures, these friendly people welcome you into their home and share their lifestyle.  Colourful warriors dancing with the exquisitely beautiful young girls present a scene of an unspoilt and ancient culture, and a super photo shoot.

Activities include:- Horse riding, camel riding, nature walks, running with the Samburu, night drives, picnic breakfasts, lunches by the river, river walks, swimming in the river, shooting the rapids in old tyres, sundowners on the rocks, barbeques in the bush, mountain bikes. Helicopter safaris are very popular. The use of a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view offers guests an experience of a lifetime. Helicopter excursions can go anywhere.

Ol Malo has reputedly the best horses in East Africa for horse safaris, and fly camping with either horses or camels or both. And to return in the evening to hot showers and baths before cocktails in front of the fire followed by a candlelit dinner, regaling tales of the day’s activities or listening to Colin telling stories from the past is a wonderful way to end the day. And perhaps finally….spending a night in a leopard hide where four bunk beds are set up for you to relax while you wait and spot this most elusive of wild animals.

Ol Malo House

At Ol Malo the tariff at both the Lodge and the House include: