Within the quaint streets of present-day Ollantaytambo is an Inca fortress that was built to guard the entrance to this part of the valley and protect it from possible invasion from the jungle tribes. Later the Citadel of Ollantaytambo, was the scene of the Inca resistance against the troops of Hernando Pizarro. This gigantic agricultural, administrative, religious and social complex is located 97 km from Cusco and includes a temple, platforms and an urban area. We can distinguish two areas: one called "Araqama Ayllu", an area linked to ritual and sacred activities, and the second "Qosqo Ayllu", dedicated to housing. Ollantaytambo was an important administrative center, which probably also fulfilled military functions, as indicated by its walls and towers. There are also traces of ancient roads and aqueducts. The town of Ollantaytambo is called a "Living Inca Town", because its people maintain ancient customs and traditions.