Resting approximately 25 km northeast of Santa Cruz Island, in the exquisite Galapagos archipelago, the elongated shield volcano of Santiago Island, also known as San Salvador Island or James Island, is dotted with Holocene pyroclastic cones. The island’s best site is undoubtedly Puerto Egas where you will find a long, lava shoreline where eroded rock formations are home to an impressive variety of wildlife including an abundance of marine iguanas and fur seals. While geology aficionados should head to Sullivan Bay to witness its black lava flow covered with lava bubbles and tree-trunk moulds, diving enthusiasts can enjoy the renowed dive site of Cousin's Rock, a triangular rock that rises about 10 m (33 ft) out of the water and is made up of many layers of volcanic rock. Don’t miss Espumilla Beach which is fringed by a spectacular palo santo forest that shelters nesting Galápagos green turtles.